Julie Hutchinson
Artist of the funny peculiar variety

Latest Project

I recently had the great opportunity of illustrating for an upcoming project for the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children. The Little Red Hen is an old story that has been told many times and illustrated many ways. I worked in pen and watercolour and, taking a different tack, my little red hen uses the pizza oven in the barn to cook her bread. I added some drama with the overhead shot of the animals as shown below.

...so the little red hen planted the grain of wheat herself
The other animals had gathered around her
Not one of you helped me...I will eat it all myself!

I work in colour or black and white, in a cartoon style or realism.

I enjoy using pen and wash, watercolour and increasingly, acrylic. These mediums allow me to capture my subject or my ideas quickly and give my work the spontaneity the themes I use require.

I exhibit regularly at the Nexus Gallery in Bellingen and recently I have ventured into illustration.

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