Julie Hutchinson
Artist of the funny peculiar variety

Update : This year's beginners drawing classes will begin on Thursday 2nd February 2017 from 4.30pm to 6pm. They will be held at The Stables in Bellingen - off Church Street behind the courthouse....

In a relaxed and supportive environment and starting with small steps to build confidence we will explore all facets of drawing for the complete beginner.

You will experience a wide range of subject matter and materials as you meditate on your environment and develop a new connection to the world around you in this very rewarding pastime.

$15 pp includes most materials.

Please call me on 048 748 4479.
I look forward to seeing you there!

Major work mixed media
Student's exercise in tone with pastel
Landscape and foliage
Mixed media utilizing drawings from classes
When drawing your environment you will experience a greater connection to it. You will never forget the things you draw. You will have access to a universal language.You will have the ability to express your ideas to others through pictures.

At the least you will have at your fingertips (literally) an activity that you can use to entertain yourself anywhere, anytime!

You will be able to encourage your children and your grandchildren to draw and they will experience all of the above advantages as well as increasing their comprehension and success in other areas of study.

I find the practice of drawing both challenging and surprisingly delightful. Being still, observing the subject I am drawing puts me in the moment and connects me to my environment. The final product is secondary to the experience.

As well as my regular classes... 'Anyone Can Draw' is a workshop for those who’ve always wanted to draw and thought they couldn’t. Once the myth surrounding talent is dispelled, you’ll see you can draw too, let me show you how. Equipment supplied – bring your eyes and a sense of fun. Using a variety of exercises I will show you how to see what’s there and transfer it to paper - leaving you free to bring part of your self to this rewarding pastime. We use a minimum of equipment, keeping the experience concentrated on observation.